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    Crashed and corrected workbook issues

    Tina Crouse

      I have a data source on a SQL server that I have to query and it always runs super slow. 9 to 15 hours depending. I normally update it in the evening so I can come in the next morning and it is done. The issue is this last time, I kicked it off on a Friday evening, the next morning, came in and it was not done. Just let it continue. Checked it in the afternoon right before my VPN was set to kick me out and still not done. I got kicked out of the server and not VPN. I set up a fresh VPN connection and did it again. I am now into Sunday morning and the workbook has crashed. I recover the workbook and attempt again.


      The problem is when I recovered the workbook, apparently it was also refreshing all the other data sources. I did not realize this because it did not tell me it was doing that. I have always worked with extracting the data and publishing that data to the Tableau server and using that as my data source for my workbooks. I only did this for speed reasons and end-user input.


      Does anyone know why a corrupted workbook would do this?