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    Credit Union: Sales Funnel (lead management)

    Tanya McBride

      If your Credit Union is: BIG, small, old, young, focused, diversified, stagnant OR GROWING...

      I would love to hear from you!


      Anyone with experience or desire to explore lead management (from opening to close) for unions and/or financial institutions?

      We are in process of automating lead input and managing "sales" opportunities. I've built out reports in test environment (couple in production), but I would love to see if/how other unions have conceptualized the idea...


      test environment demo (very partial view):



      Adam Crahen provided awesome sales funnel demo at conference (tiered dimension usage & my favorite session hands down).


      This is a generic view. Keep in mind, we have many "opportunity types" we wish to manage both individually and simultaneously (hence color choice). Further views dive into opened lead designation, opportunity aging, person insights; Closed Opp reports review closed W v L along with resolution type breakdown


      Please, contact me with ideas, questions, comments.