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    Combining Multiple Dimension Values Into One

    Scott Coulter



      My excel data is structured as per the below, where each distinct ID can have up to 4 product labels attached to it.


      IDProduct Group 1Product Group 2Product Group 3Product Group 4
      1LoansCredit CardsDebit Cards
      2Credit CardsLoansSavings AccountsDebit Cards
      3Savings AccountsCredit CardsDebit Cards
      4Foreign CurrencyDebit CardsSavings AccountsCredit Cards
      5Debit CardsLoansSavings Accounts


      I want to create a dimension from all the distinct contents of Product Group 1, 2, 3 and 4, so that I can produce a bar chart with the total number of ID's per each Product.


      I have tried creating a combined field, however that appears to concatenate the data together seperated by a comma.


      Is it best to do this within Tableau, or in the source data?