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    Percent difference quick table calculations with null values


      Hi all,


      I wish to calculate the percent difference between columns for my data.


      The quick table calculations works great when I have data but when my underlying data has no entries it displays nothing which I fully understand


      My original table looks as follows:


      I then right click on the green pill and perform a quick table calculation (percent difference) which will produce the following screen of info:



      Is there a way to display 0% in Q2 and Q3 in 2018 in my marked out row?


      My underlying data has no values for this population (first column) and I have figured out how to replace NULL values with 0 using ZN and LOOKUP (ZN(LOOKUP(SUM([Measure]),0))) but once I replace my original green pill with the ZN measure I am unable to perform a quick table calculation.


      Or even better would be if I filtered down to just Q3 and Q2 that I would not lose the second row of data due to NULL values i.e. I would retain all rows even if there was no data for a row.


      Is there a solution/work around for this?