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    Current year ytd and MTD and FY working need help on same for previous year

    rao marapatla

      Hi All,


      I have attached workbookv10.5


      I have yearly sales breakdown by months


      Requirment is I shold have 3 filters 1.year,2.Month and 3.Period(MTD/YTD/FY) -  I am able to achieve this for for Current year look same logic for previous year in year drop down.


      its  working fine for current year  YTD and MTD AND FY including all selection.



      for  previous Year 2017


      if year 2017 and ytd/fy/Mtd = YTD and month  = 2 it should show jan and feb data

      if i select only  YTD/FY/MTD = YTD  and month =1  it should show jan 2017 .



      if year 2017 and YTD/FY/MTD = MTD  and month = 2 it should show only feb values