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    Dimension and Measure In Calcuated Field

    Scott Carman

      Hello all,


      Ok so I need some help.   My project is visualizing contract information.


      I am classifying contracts based upon the end date in relationship to today's date:

      Condition               Classification

      Due in 90 days          90 Days

      Due today                 Due Today

      Expired                      Expired


      Ok so that is simple and is my dimension.


      Measure is the part contract costs when the cost does not equal zero, meaning there is still money to be paid.


      So what I am trying calculate/ show are contract numbers that:

      1.  are expired  AND

      2. where the contract costs <> 0


      I have try a number of combinations of STR and ATTR and IIF and IF THEN statements to get this but have not seem to been able to come up with the correct combination.


      Thanks much in advance for your help!