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    Issue with Action Filter in Dashboard

    Adil Jamal

      Hey Community!!

      I'd linked all the sheets via Action Filter so that the effect is shown accordingly.

      Scenario- Year selected: 2004-05

      • As I select 'Petroleum Fuels' in the Fuel Consumption pie chart
      • and move to 2009-10 Iron Steel sudden bump,
      • and move year slider to 2009-10
      • and select West Bengal state, as it's the odd one out.

      My Fuel selection from 'petroleum Fuels' is reset to All. And thus, I've to click again Petroleum Fuels. There must be a way to fix it.

      Kindly help.


      Problem arises after the 4th step. You can evidence the change in Trend Analysis title, where earlier petroleum fuels will be selected and after 4th step, it changes to All

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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hi Adil


          This is a very complex navigation that you are designing. For me the navigation broken down on third step as the pie chart got de-selected when I moved the slider to 2009-10.


          If you don't want the State sheet to filter the pie you will need to edit the action (Dashboard > Actions) and on the State filter remove the Pie sheet (industry share) from there. That may solve the issue that you posted.


          On a broader perspective, I would ask you to rethink your proposed navigation. The best approach is to guide the user though the actions, starting from upper right going down and using filters that flow only from the higher level to the lower level of detail.


          Let me know if that helps