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    How to calculate time interval between different events?

    Andy Cheng

      Hi guys,

      This is my first post in the forum because I have something trouble with data processing.

      Here is our data looks like. It includes each user's action and the timestamp of that action.

      螢幕快照 2018-11-23 下午4.29.30.png


      And, we want to calculate the time interval like this.

      螢幕快照 2018-11-23 下午5.08.42.png


      1. If an user doesn't have the next action (like user 101), and that record should be ignored.

      2. If an action and its next action is the same, we should use the second action as the base to find the next action is the same or not. (like user 100)

      (We don't care the time interval of the same action).


      Finally, we want to generate a chart based on the table.

      螢幕快照 2018-11-23 下午5.08.47.png

      We understand how to generate a chart and simple calculation field, but we don't know how can I process this kind of event to the last step table we mention.

      Could anyone give us some hints or keyword to let us know the methods?

      Thank you everyone!