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    Issue with weighted average


      I've attached a workbook where I want to compare the average price a customer paid within a week to the average price all customers paid within a week.

      As you can see the average price of all customers is 2,78 euro, this is a weighted average.

      Now my issue is that my last column does not show the weighted average per customer.

      For example customer 2 shows an average of 4,85 but the weighted average should be 4,57.

      Because in the end the Grand Total of the last column should show 2,78.

      (I've calculated the 2,78 in my original data set but for privacy reasons I extracted a small portion of it and put the average weekprice in as hard date).

      (Also in my original data set I miss a key to identify each unique row in the full data).


      In general my question is if it is possible to let the last column show the weighted average per customer.

      Second question would be if this issue is solvable with a LOD formula.