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    Multiple Calculations On A Subtotal Line

    Roger Brown

      Hi all,


      Please help as I'm tearing my hair out to correct this issue. I have a dashboard which will show target, achieved, no of accounts and accounts renewed. In addition to these 4, I want to include the % of achieved to target and renewed accounts to total.


      As you can see in Excel it shows as below



      but when I do the same in Tableau having dragged from the Analytics tab the totals to subtotals I get the following


      As you can see the % columns have summed up rather than following the calculation down. I have tried using LOD calculations to assist but it doesn't work. It needs to all be on the same table. I have worked so hard to get Tableau in my company and I really need your help to show that Excel doesn't win hands down on a basic element of analysis. I have attached a 2018.1 packaged workbook but I can add it in lower versions if needed.


      Thanking you all in advance as I have literally been kept awake at night trying to figure this out.