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    Change date (today) to week end date

    Jenna Gravley



      I am trying to change the date (today) to a week ending date instead. Preferably to a date format "day of the week, month, day, year".


      Attached is the workbook. For the "HVTN Enrollment Report - Details" dashboard I would like to display the week ending date, not the date the report is opened. Right now I am using the formula "


      " +


      to display the current date, but it would be better if I could display "Saturday, November 17, 2018" instead (the week ending ahead of the "today" date would be most useful). I realize the reports, as structured now, are not what Tableau is meant for. But we are just rolling Tableau and the end users would like us to first replicate the reports they have now.


      I have searched to no avail, so hopefully someone has some awesome work-around for me!


      Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!