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    Tableau Server Optimization

    Karishma Singhal



      Currently I am working on improving the efficiency of the Tableau server as it’s becoming crowded which leads to bad user experience and also delays extract refreshes.


      • First step I took is removing obsolete workbooks (that have not been viewed for past 6 months)
      • Next step is I identified the Heavy workbooks (Size > 250 MB) or the extracts that are taking more than 10 mins on Tableau Server to refresh. These workbooks are scheduled for full refresh daily
      • Next step on which I am working is identifying the views that have more load time


      Looking forward for suggestions or Best Practices.


      Also is there any way to gauge the performance (like the steps implemented have actually made any impact on server optimization or not?)




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          Bryan Fernandez

          Hi Karishma,


          You did nice to offload your Tableau Server on processing simultaneously of workbook extracts.

          Also I just want to share some things that I did on my server.


          Running tableau on minimum requirements well it would run but not the fast thing you expected.

          Tableau Server workloads runs on the background and takes a lot for RAM.

          So increasing RAM is better, 32 GB is minimum, but try to increase it as twice or higher.

          Tableau Server also runs on disk of course, so you could upgrade your regular SATA HDD set up to SAS HDDs or if you could SSDs. Faster read and write means faster performance.


          Also Tableau Server especially runs on Network, by using Gigabit Networks, 10/100/1000 could help

          give your server network a higher bandwidth and data transfer rate from your server to your client and vice versa (of course partner it with a Gigabit switch) , than

          using a typical Ethernet or LAN card that supports only 10/100 mbps speed.


          These are some of things you could do to enhance your server performance.