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    Dynamic URL Action to open dashboards under different workbooks.

    Shanna Liu



      I'm creating a landing/cover page for all my dashboards published to Tableau Server with different workbook names. I wanted to use this cover page to trigger the 5 dashboard Tableau URLs dynamically.


      i have 5 workbook names and their dashboard names, Tableau Server URLs stored in excel sheet,


      to make the URL action dynamically, when i click on a dashboard name in filter, i want the dashboard link opened automatically.


      based on the URL structure below, I updated the URL link in URL action as: https://tableau.fyiblue.com/#/views/<Workbook Name>/<Dashboard Name>  to match the dashboard links above. but it didn't work.


      can someone help me on how to use the URL action to trigger the dashboard links which are created in separate workbooks? any suggestion or information are much appreciated.