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    Multiple Value (custom list) issue with "Only relevant values" option

    Thomas Jibaut



      I have found some limitation about the filter type "Multiple Value (custom list)".
      I'm checking the option "Only relevant values" :

      But, as you can see, I have the "Uber Freight" value but this value isn't in the relevant values for "France" and "3 months" filters.

      I've added the first filter to the context and all filters are affecting the database :

      And, in this order, here are the option checked :

      - France : All value in database

      - 3 months : All value in context
      - title : Only relevant values


      If I change the "title" filter to a classic "multiple values (list)", we can see that "Uber Freight" is not showing :


      Why wouldn't I use this filter type ? Well, because I have so many values in this filter that I don't want the users to view all the entire list.
      I want them to be able to see only the titles they're looking after.


      So I was thinking that this wildcard textbox on the top of the filter is bypassing the two other "prioritized" filters.

      I was thinking that, by checking the "Only relevant values", the wildcard would only search through relevant values.


      Did someone had this issue too ?

      Is there any way to make this work ?


      Thanks a lot for your thoughts and help.




      PS : I can't add the twbx file as it contains sensitive data. So you'll find a sample workbook.
      If you try the filter by clicking on the textbox then use the key "Enter", you'll see the two values showing up...