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    Help needed with creating Outlier parameter

    Kunal Patel

      Hello I am working on a project where I need help with creating a dynamic parameter to select an outlier and give them 3 options to select. Currently I have given them only 2 options in the form of yes or no. The options I like to give them are

      1. No Outliers

      2. Exclude 2 std dev

      3. Outliers ONLY

      The outliers are calculated on the average length of stay of the patient.

      I created multiple calculated field as follow to calculate the outlier

      a. Outlier 2- Std dev

      ROUND([Mean LOS]+[Standard deviation twice],0)

      b. Outlier Filter

      IF [Include Outlier] THEN "Yes" ELSE IF [Classify Outliers]="Outliers" THEN "No" ELSE "Yes" END


      Outlier filter is applied to filter and that works for the current parameter. However, I am unable to create parameter with 3 options.

      Can someone assist?

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          Apologies, I didn't quite catch the idea.

          Is an outlier defined as being more than 2stddev away from the mean?

          If so, what is the difference between the choices

          "No Outlier" and "Exclude 2 std dev"?


          Please see mock up workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread

          Help needed with creating Outlier parameter

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            Kunal Patel

            Hi Swaroop, Thank you for sending the mockup workbook as a reference. My goal is to showcase data with 3 options for the users by using a parameter- " Select an Outlier". No Outliers as first option ( or default option) is showing ALL data- the data with no outliers.

            2-std deviation data - Is the 2nd option where I would like to only show data that is within the 2-std dev ( which is 2 std dev away from the mean). and the 3rd option is to show for users who select " Outliers ONLY"- showing the data that are the outliers.

            Since I am computing outlier on patient's length of stay (LOS), the data is right skewed. I wish I could attach by workbook, so you could assist more. I am new in tableau and am struggling with calculated field for the parameter selection.

            I will review what you have sent so I can replicate for my workbook. Thanks