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    Creating a horizontal stacked bar chart

    Cole Coen

      Hi all,


      Let me preface this with I have done a thorough google search and tried some of those methods, but couldn't get it to work. I am very new to Tableau and my guess is it may be the way my data is structured.


      Let me explain the data: 200 rows, not much. There are two 'Types' in this Data. Let's say Type A, and Type B. There are 10-15 columns to the right of Type A & Type B, with 3 options in each cell: "Yellow", "Red", or blank. Each of those columns is a different action I am looking to show on the horizontal stacked bar chart. Stacked meaning stack the Yellow & Red. One chart would filter by Type A, the other Type B (so 2 charts).


      I have tried 2 methods:


      Method 1: Have "Measure Names" in Rows and "Measure Values" in Columns. Type is also in Column to filter by Type A. This results in the 10-15 columns that I want in a horizontal bar chart, but I can't figure out how to stack the colors... so I tried to Create 2 new measure values and separate one of the columns by "Yellow" and "Red", so now I have individual bars listed as Yellow & Red, but I still can't figure out how to stack them. Refer to Measure names 6 & 7 for what I am trying to stack (I will end up doing this for every measure name as there is "Yellow" and "Red" for each one but for measures 1-5 I just counted the entire column instead of just yellow or red). Note I redacted information



      Method 2: how to create stacked bar for multiple measures Followed that method there and ended up with the picture below. Every time I add a new filter it just adds it to the one long stacked bar.



      Not sure the best way to accomplish this task.