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    Help with the Date calculation(Week Number and Number of weeks)

    Nagendra Babu

      Hi All,


      i have Week start date and end date like this and i want to create a parameter by using start date and end date. calculation 


      Period Start date  Period end date    Week Number

      16-Dec-2017       22-Dec-2017           W1

      23-Dec-2017       29-Dec-2017          W2

      31-Dec-2017       5-Jan-2018            W3

      6-Jan-2018         12-Jan-2018          W4

      13-Jan-2018       19-Jan-2018          W5


      20-Jan-2018      26-Jan-2018          W7

      27-Jan-2018      2-Feb-2018            W8  

      3-Feb-2018       9-Feb-2018             W9

      10-Feb-2018     16-Feb-2018           W10 


      Month    Period Start Date      Period end date

      Jan               16-Dec-2017       19-Jan-2018

      Feb                20-Jan-2018        16-Feb-2018 


      Period End Date    Weeks Per Month


      15-Jan-16                   5

      12-Feb-16                  4

      11-Mar-16                  4


      Here i want to calculate no of weeks in the current period and current week number by using start date and end date selection in Parameter.

      NOTE: weeks should be in 1-6days

      Number of weeks in the current month and Current week number.

      Please help me to get solution.