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    Common Date Quick Filter for multiple Data Sources in one database

    A J



      I have product sales view coming from 1 data source DS1 and I have ranking of the products coming from another data source DS2. I have 2 date filters, Date for DS1 and Date2 for DS2 and they work perfectly fine BUT I require these 2 informations (sales + ranking of products) to be on same sheet and want a SINGLE COMMON DATE FILTER to filter rank + sales at the same time, on this sheet where this information is present jointly. Date filter on DS1 is from data source where I have hourly and daily data and aggregated weekly + monthly data whereas Date2 filter on DS2 is having weekly aggregated ranks.I was able to achieve it through parameter using Start date and End Date parameters + using a filter on these parameters on all sheets BUT requirement is to use a date slider filter. Is there anybody who can help in this regard ?


      Thanks & much appreciated!