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    Reformatting form submission data

    Nathan Bruley

      I'm confident this is a problem that many experience, but I can't seem to find a lot on it beyond this, which goes outside of Tableau:

      How to Shape Your Data | Tableau Public


      I'm wondering if there are Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep solutions to shaping data that looks like this:




      into this:




      The solution would need to continue to work as more data is appended to the .csv file.


      A thought I have is to create two data sources using the same .csv file that look like this (by hiding one column and adding a calculated column)


      ...and then union them (with generic Question answer column), but I don't know how to union them.


      I'm not very familiar with the capabilities of Tableau Prep, but if it could do this, I think in the future we'll be able to schedule Prep to automatically do the formatting for us on a daily basis as new submissions come in (?)


      Any ideas are appreciated!