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    Joining a Single field to multiple columns

    Darek Poon

      Hi All,


      I am using tableau 10.5.7 and I would like to enquire whether is there any better way to join a single field to multiple columns for excel files?


      I have a single column [Trend Period] in file A that contains date in Year&Weekno and another format in Fiscal Year.


      Trend Period
      FY18 Jun W1


      I have another table in file B which have two different columns which have the different format aligned.


      Report in WeekWeek No
      FY18 Apr W1201801
      FY18 Jun W1201810


      Is there a way whereby I could do using tableau Join to combine the data tgt?

      [Trend Period] = [Report in Week] or [Week No]


      Right Now, I am using LEFT JOIN twice.

      I would drag the File B twice.

      First Left Join : [Trend Period] = [Report in Week]

      Drag the file again.

      Second Left Join : [Trend Period] = [Week No]


      Is there a smart workaround for it?