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    Using aggregated column to create dimension

    ashish saboo


      I have a requirement as given below

      city                sales     %sales     Dimension City("<20%==> other)

      London           50          16.6            Other

      Birmingham    100        33.33          Birmingham

      Edinburgh     25          8.33             Other 

      Cardiff             75          25               Cardiff

      Brighton          25          8.33          Other

      Glasgow         25          8.33          Other


      Total          300


      I want to create a new dimension 'Dimension city' where %sales <20 then make it other else keep the original name.


      I want to input this percentage criteria from a parameter.


      So if I increase the input criteria to 30% then Cardiff would be overwritten to Other.


      The ultimate goal is to make a pie chart out of this new 'dimension city'.



      Thanks in advance,