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    Formatting Week numbers on Axis

    Jordan Brogden



      Has anybody else had an issue with formatting week numbers on an axis?


      I regularly report by week number, however in a number of reports I am unable to change the format of the week number shown on the axis, to be WWWW for example, to show '42' instead of 'Week 42' which can get cramped with many weeks shown.


      I have a reduced menu of options as below, however no matter what I choose the week format remains unchanged! (You would think to just select one of the Numeric options however choosing them makes no change at all to the view)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



      Thank you,


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          Cathy Bridges

          The format for week number only is Ww. But what I find interesting is that your dialog box above has no "Custom" format available, as that's where you would put this formatting.


          Also, if you have multiple years you will need to put year on your view as well and hide the header.

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            Cathy, that is a good point about the missing format options. It directed me to look

            at the different types of Weeks.



            I think that WEEK(date) is set using the method shown in screenshot 1 below,

            then it will not be possible to change the format. That way is generally used

            to show seasonality


            But if week is selected with in the method in the second screenshot, it should be

            possible to format the week as desired.



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              Jordan Brogden

              Hi Cathy and Swaroop,


              Thanks for the input, it's really interesting that you can only change the format when the green pill of the week dimension is used,


              I need to use the blue one, as I'm comparing YoY so my graph is week numbers along the bottom with two different years represented on the chart like below, with the green continuous date field I wouldn't be able to create the same kind of visualisation.


              It's not a major issue, but when you have lots of weeks on one chart it would look much nicer if it didn't repeat the word 'week' lots of times




              Thank you,


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                Cathy Bridges

                There's got to be some other reason, so if you can attach a sample workbook that would help (even if you use number of records instead of actual measures and hide all unused fields when extracting the data so the only information is record count and date).


                I was able to format weeks as you want using blue/discreet dates.