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    Tableau Prep Command Line output is out of order

    Rick Loveday

      Like I stated in the title, when I run a flow in Tableau Prep, the output is ordered in the order that I specified. See below:


      But when I run the flow using the command line, the order of the output is completely different.


      If I was only using the output in Tableau, it wouldn't matter since the column headings are still the same no matter the order. But the output is to a CSV file because I have some older excel reports that also use the same data those non-Tableau reports need the output to be in the specific order.


      Any ideas on why the flow outputs in the proper order within Prep, but not when using the command line?


      *and I know that one is columns A-L and the other is A-M. I pulled the image from a non-Prep output file from before I started playing with Prep to automate the process. It's just one has City/State in the same column, and the other has City State split into two columns.