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    Active Content Removed

    Max Yeo

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to embed my tableau worksheet inside my PHP page but it seems to keep coming up the words "Active content Removed" when I use the code after i press the share button and insert it inside my code.


      It appears that some times the worksheet can appear (like in the morning) but if its in the afternoon or night, it just shows Active Content Removed. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? 


      I uploaded this on to my school server e.g. CPanel. I'm not too sure if that is why it is like this. Like there might be some permissions needed




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          Max Yeo

          If anyone has encountered this problem, I found a solution to it!


          I think the reason why I kept getting this was because of the WIFI i was connected to. After switching on 4G, the content was back again, same on my computer but when i tethered 4G to my comp, the page loaded.


          So if anyone gets this problem, just use 4G cause maybe the WIFI you're connected to is blocking it somehow.




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            Akram Ebrahim

            Hi Max


            Good that you have found solution for it. Mark your answer as correct and close the thread!