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    Tapestry Conference 2018

    Jordan Scott

      Tapestry is an event designed to advance interactive online data storytelling. Tapestry brings different viewpoints together with the goal of generating a rich conversation about data storytelling. This two-day conference includes keynotes, short stories, discussion, and a demo theater designed to provoke ideas and discussion across disciplines.


      This year the sixth Tapestry event will be held at the University of Miami's Newman Alumni Center in Coral Gables, FL from November 29 - November 30.


      We have some amazing speakers lined up, such as Mona Chalabi of the Guardian and Elijah Meeks of Netflix, as well as our own Jonni Walker of Tableau Public fame. This is the first year this event will be open to anyone who is interested. feel free to let members know about the event, and they can find out more and register on the conference website here: http://www.tapestryconference.com/