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    Show 0 when [Number of Records] is 0

    Penn Wang

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a calculation field to calculate the number of records under certain condition

      1. [Difference] column less than -6

      2. Not start with Apple

      3. Not start with Orange

      4. Not start with Grape and Delivery City is not the same as Destination City


      How does it show 0 when the number of affected rows is 0? Now it just return me nothing so I can't use the result in further calculation. Thank you.




      IF ([Difference])<-6

      AND (NOT STARTSWITH([Product], 'Apple')

      AND (NOT STARTSWITH([Product], 'Orange'))

      AND NOT ((STARTSWITH([Product], 'Grape') AND [DeliveryCity] = [DestinationCity])))

      THEN ([Number of Records])




      I found out the answer for some similar questions is the ZN function, but I'm not sure how to use it in my case.