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    Filtering Passing filters by URL

    Freddy  Zambrano

      I have a scatter chart built using tableau desktop which is available at https://public.tableau.com/profile/homesusa.com4335#!/vizhome/SalesPricesvsSQFTDFW/Scartter?publish=yes


      this scatter chart has 2 filters one for builders and the other for subdivision. both filters are set up to show relevant values. the plan is once I choose a builder it will display in the second filter only the relevant subdivisions for that builder, bit also once I chose any subdivisions for that builder, I can return an see other builders associated to that subdivision. This is working fine as can be verified in the shared link.


      Now what I want to do is Fixate a builder through parameter so I can embed this chart in my system and offer it to a customer having an initial display for their data and not the whole universe, then by choice they can compare themselves vs their competitors


      I can do that basically doing this https://public.tableau.com/profile/homesusa.com4335#!/vizhome/SalesPricesvsSQFTDFW/Scartter?publish=yes&Builder=HIGHLAND%20HOMES and it works great except for the fact that the subdivision filter is not considering the relevant values for the builder.


      Any thoughts on how can I make this work?