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    Simple Chart

    Tore Alden

      I am trying to make a simple chart that looks like this:

      Bio Prod Chart.JPG

      For some reason, I can not figure out how to do this. Here is the data:

      Bio Prod Chart Data.JPG

      The data can be configured in any way, so if it needs to be in a single series or vertical instead of horizontal, I can easily change it. I have tried all of the various configurations but cannot replicate the chart. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. I have also attached a file with the data so you do not have to key it in if you are going to use it.


      Any help would be very much appreciated. I do not know why this is so hard for me, I can do a ton of other things in Tableau, but I am stuck on this kind of chart and need to make several more just like it.


      Thanks again,


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          Jim Dehner

          Good afternoon

          you need to pivot the data to form a tall narrow dataset


          see the link Pivot Data from Columns to Rows


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            Hey Tore,


            Follow below steps after connecting to database,

            Select all months and apply pivot.



            Select only months and apply Pivot and rename F1 column to Year.


            Finally, Apply Concatenation in calculated field of Year and Pivot Field Name


            Create a calculated field like below.


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