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    Day over Day & Hour over Hour Comparison

    manoj kumar

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm new to Tableau and I find it a bit hard to understand Date function & LOD.


      My aim is to check & compare the sales which happened on a specific day with the on-going day's sales.

      I wanted to compare the sales made by a client or all client on Day-X with the ongoing sale done for the current date.


      Present day sales for each hour should be added & compared with the sales made on Day-X for the same time.

      Say the elapsed time is 1 hr 3 Mins on the present day. I wanted the sales made for with-in that 1hr + 30 mins to be added and compared with the sales made within that 1 hr 30 mins on Day-X.


      It will be really helpful if anyone could suggest how this can be accomplished. I have attached the sample data set, which has data for 12th Sep, which needed to be compared with 29th Oct.


      Thank you in advance,