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    Tableau Prep hanging when I add a step - Never finishes refreshing data preview

    Rebecca Barber

      I am working on a tableau prep job.  The original data source is an excel file with 2k records that needs 2 layers of pivoting.  I was able to work through cleaning and the first pivot without a problem. Now as I try to work on the 2nd pivot I am running into a problem.


      I am working with survey data.  in addition to questions about the workshop as a whole, I have a series of questions about individual instructors.  After I pivot the full file I am selecting just the questions that are by instructor and pivoting just those (to get 1 row per instructor).  I also have a branch that selects all the other questions and filters the rows that are going down the other track in preparation for unioning the two back together again after the 2nd pivot.


      Tableau prep appears to have gone on walkabout.  In the upper right it says "Running Flow" but never seems to finish and I never get a preview of the output of the 2nd pivot.  I also can no longer go back and see the preview at any prior step of my job.  I also can't save the job at this point - save and save as are greyed out.  Tableau Prep and the Tableau Prep Helpers are currently using ~15% each of my CPU. Java is using the highest memory of any single process.


      I upgraded to 2018.3.1 yesterday, so I am running the most current version of the product.  Running on a macbook pro 2016 on macOS Mojave 10.14 with 16G of memory and a 3.5G i7. 


      Can anyone offer any insight into what is causing this hang?  I end up having to force quit the job and rebuilding it causes the same behavior to happen.  I am open to suggestions as to ways to troubleshoot this or other things to look for in diagnosing the problem.  Any help would be appreciated.