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    Is there a event handler to differentiate 'apply filter' or 'clear filter'

    Srinivasa Suresh Acharya

      We host our tableau dashboards in the web portal and track the filter change event from each dashboard. We have different dashboards with different data sources, but the filters used are the same across all dashboards.  If a user a selects a value from filter, we are tracking that change and passing on when user navigates to the other dashboard by using applyFiltersToVizOption JavaScript function.  Also in the filters we are using the option "only relevant values" as the data varies between the dashboards.


      But we are facing issue when user clear's the filter selection from one dashboard and if it has less data compared to other dashboard and navigate to that dashboard it applies the filter to only those values available from that dashboard. But user expectation is if clear filter applied it should default to "All' Value in the dashboard and also to the dashboard he navigates. This is the same issue when we select "All" values and apply that in the dashboards.


      So looking for any help to check whether we have event handler to identify the  'Clear Filter' or "All' Values in the filter change event