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    Replacing data source from CSV to Hive breaks everything because of field names case mismatch

    Trupti Bhutada

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I'm facing issues when I'm trying to replace the data source as CSV to Hive table from AWS S3 connected using Qubole ODBC connector.

      Hive by defaults creates table structure with all lower case as field names.


      My CSV file columns are exactly same as Hive table column names. The only difference is in CSV file names are used as Proper Case whereas in Hive all the column names are in lower case.


      So when I try to replace the data source, everything breaks as Tableau doesn't map fields by names. I've to manually map the fields because of case mismatch.


      Is there a way I can convert Hive to get the field names to be proper case? Is anyone out facing this issue? and how they have resolved it?


      Even if I want to develop new workbook in tableau using hive table, I want the field names to be in Proper Case. That way the visualization is more effective and readable.