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    Export Data From 3 Visualizations

    Satish Krishna


      I have created 3 Separate Visualizations in a single dashboard, Name Group1, Group2 and Group3.

      All the 3 Visualizations are from single source with same columns of data.

      For Each Group I have created filters and parameters.


      The data I have is Employee ID , Region, Country, State and Income.


      For each group the user can select based on his condition like OR, AND etc.


      1. Group 1 = 20 Employees

      2. Group 2 = 30 Employees

      3. Group 3 = 50 Employees


      Now when I export the data, I need to export 3 times, which is time consuming. I need to export consolidated data which is (Group 1 + Group 2 + Group 3 = 100) to a single CSV.


      Any help would be a great help