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    Moved workbook, now won't open (unexpected error)

    Robert Hyatt

      So I had a workbook that was working fine and I moved it to a subfolder in the folder it was created in.


      Ever since the move, I can't get the workbook to open anymore.  Not sure if it's related or purely coincidental?  It now gives me a series of two errors when trying to open.


      Here's the first errors:


      • Missing password.
      • Unable to properly calculate the domain for the field 'ContentName (Content)'. Displayed data may be incorrect.


      So it seems to be saying some sort of password issue with my data source (which is 2012 sql server).  It let's me hit 'OK' to continue.

      But it then errors out completely with this:



      • Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.


      When I hit 'OK' on that error it just goes to the main default Tableau 'open' screen to choose a workbook.


      When searching the forums I see this error talked about a little, but not to the degree that my situation is.  I can't edit or delete the field, or update the pw, because the workbook won't even let me open it.  I'm really really hoping I can recover this workbook as it's very needed for some upcoming reports for my dept.  Any ideas what I can do next?