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    Replace datasource in workbook via XML

    Moshe Gottlieb

      I am trying to build an automated process that will

      • download a workbook from my Tableau server
        • workbook is using an extract that was generated from a published datasource
      • copy the workbook and open to edit the xml
      • replace all the references to the published datasource to a different published datasource  (simple search/replace)
      • generate a new extract
      • publish the copied workbook


      I am trying to do all of that using a combination of C# code and the Tableaeu REST API.


      Are there any issues with that?

      Is it as simple as doing a search and replace on the published datasource name or is that not even possible since the workbook is using an extract?

      Will I be able to publish the workbook first and then just trigger a refresh of the local extract via the API?


      I am new to all of this. Please advise if this is possible and if I will likely face any issues/challenges?

      Or maybe there is a better way.