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    Strange Tableau server 2018.2 filter bug.

    Ali Twaij

      One filter was working but not properly eg it was not giving me all the results I should. But on downloading the workbook to desktop it started working. So I just published it and it started working fine again on the server. Weird !


      Lesson to learn: Make sure all the filters are working well on the 2018.2 server after upgrade.


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          Hello Ali,


          Thank you for sharing this strange behavior that you experienced. Just to get some better information on what occurred. What version was the Tableau Server upgrading from 2018.1? 10.5? Also, what is the full version number of the 2018.2 version that Tableau Server was upgraded to. i.e. 2018.2.0? 2018.2.1?



          Byrne, Patrick

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