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    New user with conditional calculated field question


      Hi all - I recently got put on to a project using Tableau but have extremely limited experience with it, especially creating calculated fields. One of the requirements is to include a chart that seems very simple but I can't get the calculation to be valid.

      Basically, I'm looking to get the distinct number of employees (based on ID) that have completed more than 1 of a certain requirement. My data's in long format, so there's a new row (which includes user ID)  for each requirement met. And "requirements met" is a text Yes/No field.

      I've tried different versions of something along the lines of below with no luck. I have a measure that aggregates those who met requirements.

      COUNTD ([USERID]) WHEN "Met Requirements" >1 THEN 1 ELSE NULL END.

      Any ideas? I'll continue to research, but this requires a very tight turnaround, so any help would be appreciated.