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    Moving Weighted Average

    Andrew M

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to dynamically calculate a moving weighted average and was hoping for some help. I found a few similar posts but couldn't find a solution that would work with drilling down or rolling up.


      I'm attaching a blank twbx and sample data. I'd like to show the moving average of Processing Time, weighted by Actions. I'd like the calculation to update based on the data displayed on the view. For example, if 4 quarters were displayed, the moving average would be based on the 4 quarters displayed. Or, if only the current month was displayed and drilled down to show individual days, the weighted moving average would be for the current month by day.


      Here's an example of the desired outcome for a few days from the data set. I appreciate any help and guidance!


      DateActionsProcessing TimeMoving Weighted Average Processing Time*manually calculated*