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    How to do "What If" scenario's? (Sales Rep to Customer assignments)

    Mike Sumpter

      Our management is looking to realign our sales rep -> customer assignments. They want a visual tool to show the impact of changing customers to other sales reps, the goal is to balance things better. I've searched the forums and could only find examples of what if's that use percentages and/or calculated fields using numbers. I have no idea how build something users could use that would be an "on the fly" dimension (or groups or sets?), not sure that is even possible. So I don't have an example workbook as I haven't a clue how to start. Just some example data (table below).


      For example, Patty has customers that buy more units and spend more money, so what if the customers were reassigned so the Sales are more equal? (assuming Patty is not a better sales rep, just was lucky to get the good customers)



      CustomerIDCustomerNameDateItem CodeSalesRepIDSalesRepSalesQty
      1200284Customer 12012-01USZ0175AC38Joe$672 48
      1200318Customer 22012-01USZ0189AC1Sue$56 4
      1200354Customer 32012-01USZ0187AC1Sue$113 30
      1200354Customer 32012-01USZ0189AC1Sue$56 4
      1200329Customer 42012-01USZ0190AC1Sue$252 16
      1200602Customer 52012-01USZ0257AC3Joe$85 20
      1200284Customer 12012-01USZ0189AC38Joe$88 4
      1200062Customer 62012-01USZ0191AC40Patty$400 96
      1200067Customer 72012-01USZ0189AC40Patty$3,745 432
      1200062Customer 62012-01USZ0054AC40Patty$279 96
      1200068Customer 82012-01USZ0055AC40Patty$1,138 216
      1200069Customer 92012-01USZ0077AC40Patty$15 12
      1200069Customer 92012-01USZ0233AC40Patty$284 60