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    Tableau Desktop - Comparing values for 2 different time periods

    Aditya Patra

      Hello There,


      I have a data set of data consisting of more than 12 months.
      I have used 2 months out of the same dataset to create a new sub set of data and is using the new set as baseline for future. The sub set comprises of records for the months Jul and Aug of 2018.

      In the attached workbook I have blended both the data sets and have done a comparison of data (Actual from Data Set 1 with Average from data set2). Now my requirement is i need to do the comparison of any date as selected from the filter (coming from Data Set1 ) with the corresponding weekday from the Data Set 2.

      For example if I am selecting 2nd Mar, 2018 which is a Friday - it should check the corresponding Avg value for Friday in the DataSet 2 and show me the status. 

      The above scenario is currently working when I am implementing Month-Year Filter on the DataSet1 for the same 2 months as mentioned before - However, for other conditions it is not working as per expectation.



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