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    LOD Exclude

    Scott Schmeling



      I am having an issue with an LOD Exclude perhaps someone can help me with.


      No matter what I do for the exclude- the number acts as a table calc almost.  If you look at the attached WB, you will notice that there are two LODs:  Each one is designed to theoretically maintain the final numbers no matter what WN_Season is filtered to.  However the minute I select a number on the WN_Season, the exclude statement seems to fail and it recalculates the LOD.


      It would be easier to look at the WB than to explain- this was done in 10.5.  The final result should be that no matter which WN_Season(s) are selected via the filter the following fields should stay the same.


      SUM of LOD Total Success:  {Exclude [WN_Season]: Sum({Include [PC], [ED UNITS]: Sum([Successful Opps])})}

      SUM of LOD Total Opps:  {Exclude [WN_Season]: Sum({Include [PC], [ED UNITS]: Sum([Total Opps])})}


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has been driving me and the rest of the team crazy, trying to get it to work.