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    How to get averages

    Alex Martino

      I've attached a tableau file....I've been having trouble to calculate averages with my data set.


      1) The first tab is sales by product by month (a sum). I would like to generate two averages. The first is the daily average for each months BUT with the exception being that only products/months with sales on the first day of the month are included (the rest are NAd) The reason for this is that some products are released and therefore the month is not complete. Then, I would like the daily average for the period (for example 10 months) and then the monthly daily average across the entire period. The same parameters would apply here in that it would only start on the first day that there is data.


      2) In the tab called last 30 days, it filters the products to the last 30 days of data. How can I apply the same rules here, where I create a new tab with the average of the 30 days BUT only counting the days where there was the first sale?