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    Create a Dynamic Set Based on Filtered Results In a Sheet

    Shanawaz Janmohamed

      Good Afternoon,


      I am having some trouble working with sets. The objective is to capture a list of filtered results from one sheet and use those values to filter a view in a separate sheet.


      Below are some screenshots from the workbook:


      1. This sheet updates to show only the relevant IP addresses when the dashboard is filtered. In this example there are 26 IP addresses out of a total 2,229 (27 rows including the Total row) that are relevant.

      2. I would like to save the above list of IPs as a dynamic set (it will change as dashboard filters are selected/deselected and can range from 0 through the total 2,229 IPs). I want to be able to use this set of IPs in the following sheet as a filter. The idea of this below it to show all the URLs that the specified IP addresses above (26 in this case) visited.

      I have tried creating a set from the Source IPs and applying that as a filter to the second sheet , but that doesn't seem to filter to only the relevant IPs - you can see at the bottom of the second screenshot the total IPs still show 2,229.


      Unfortunately I cannot post the workbook given the sensitivity of the information, but can certainly add additional screenshots. I feel like it's just a configuration thing with the set, but can't seem to get it working, any help would be very much appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,