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    Cascading filter issue

    Satish Ramakrishna

      I have a 3 cascading filters on my dashboard which show only relavent values (except the first one) . They are single value dropdowns. I don't want to show 'All' option on the filters. So, I have removed it.



      When I select a value from 2nd or 3rd filter and change the value on the 1st filter, no value is displayed. That's because the old values selected on 2nd and 3rd filter is still there and they need to be manually reselected.


      What I want:

      Whenever I change value on 1st filter, 2nd and 3rd filter should automatically get selected for their first available value.

      Whenever  I change value on 2nd filter, 3rd filter should automatically get selected to its first available value.