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    Subscription emails not working


      Hi ALL,


      Hope you are all well.


      My Subscription emails are not working, they used to work up until the end of June but suddenly stopped. I am not whats going on. The data is updating but no email sent out


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          Bryan Medrano




          1- Check the name of  shedule

          2- Search the shedule its on and Run


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            Mark McGhee

            Hi Junaid,


            The first two places that might be worth a sanity check:


            (1)  By any chance were Subscriptions temporarily disabled for some reason?  That is, in Tableau Server Configuration there's the Alerts and Subscriptions tab and there is a second to "enable Subscriptions" and directly below that to "enable Health email alerts".  Is the one box still checked?

            (2)  There's the "Background Tasks for Non Extracts" Server Admin view.  Does it show Subscriptions trying to run? (but possibly they're hitting errors?)