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    Show Week End Dates on X-Axis for Historical View?

    Chad Clauson

      Hi, attached is a workbook I just put together since I can't show the workbook I'm working on. In this sample workbook, there are two views: a historical view where I can drill up or down (defaulted on week) and a week end view where the filter above shows the week up to that week end date. On my actual dashboard, I have 5 other week end views which is driven by the week end dashboard filter. The only one that is not affected by it is the historical view, as intended.


      To keep the dashboard consistent, I'd like my historical view to show week end dates on the x-axis instead of week start dates. ex: In the sample dashboard, we see Aug 26 Sep 2 Sep 9 and so on. Instead, can we replace those labels with Sep 1 Sep 8 Sep 15, etc? If this is not possible, I may have to change the week end views to week start views.