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    Mutliple Donut Charts?

    Sonia Sawhney

      I'm trying to create multiple donut charts that show applications by product for various employers. I cannot figure out why I can't get the donut chart visual to show for the different employer names (in columns) - but it will only show for one. I have trafficked product on color so i'm not sure what the problem is? Can anyone help me figure it out?

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          Sonia Sawhney

          I think I figured it out, I had to take my measure onto angle, in addition to size!

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            I wasn't able to get to the data in your workbook, I think you will need to extract the data first

            before packaging it:

            Packaged workbooks: when, why, how


            However, it seemed to appear that you might potentially have proprietary data in your workbook

            that you may not want up on a public forum. You may better served by creating a small set

            of fake data in a format similar to your true setup.


            Not seeing the data, it looked like your pills were set up correctly.

            I mocked up something with Superstore. You can also try modifying that to more closely match yours.


            Lastly, you could post a screenshot of what you are seeing and what you would like it to look like.


            Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.