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    Ideas: Multiple values in a dimension spread over dates (4 months) with multiple measures.

    Chao Chen

      This isn't exactly a post where I have a specific question but rather I want to draw on some ideas you folks might have.


      I have a data set and it goes something like this:




      a) Name


      1. John
      2. jacob
      3. nick
      4. sam
      5. mick
      6. jane
      7. mike
      8. chris
      9. dave
      10. julie
      11. andy
      12. phil
      13. bob
      14. tristin
      15. amy
      16. yvonne
      17. kim
      18. kevin




      b) dates


      1. 1/1/2016
      2. 2/1/2016
      3. 3/1/2016
      4. 4/1/2016




      c) Budget

      d) overspent on budget

      e) overspent on budget %

      f) underspent on budget

      g) underspent on budget %



      The problem I have is that I have so many values in my Dimension (Name) that it's difficult for any visualization for display in a legible manner. Also, I needed to get this all on one view.


      I've used Panel Charts in the past but I feel like i've overused them now and wanted to explore new ideas.


      Any thoughts?