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    Exclude a name from a List of names form a period of time

    Mayra Morales

      Hi All,


      Wondering if someone can give a idea. I have a list of names in my table and I have created all my data plots based in a period condition which range 3 periods (Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3)


      I want exclude one unique name from my name list for only  Phase 1.


      Any ideias? I Created a set and a parameter but did not work. I tried exclude but that ended up excluding the name from all the phases.


      Those are my phases.


      if (([Hora Local ] >= #2018-05-07#) and ([Hora Local ] <#2018-06-30#)) then

      'Fase I -  Blind Mode'

      ELSEIF (([Hora Local ] >= #2018-06-30#) and ([Hora Local ] < #2018-08-13#)) then

      'Fase II - Feedback ao Operador '

      ELSEIF (([Hora Local ] >= #2018-08-13#) and ([Hora Local ] <=#2018-09-13#)) then

      'Fase III - Interação com Monitoramento '