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    TableauSDK and Jupyter Python

    Thomas Pologruto

      I was attempting to create an extract from Jupyter (Ubunut 16.04/Python 2.7.13) and I see this error, which I dont see when i run from command line.  Any ideas what i need to set to make this work?


      import tableausdk as tbsdk

      import tableausdk.Extract as tde

      import tableausdk.Server as tds


      extract = tde.Extract("my_new_file_11.tde")



      TableauException  Traceback (most recent call last)

      <ipython-input-107-64322f7fa40c> in <module>()

        3 import tableausdk.Server as tds

        4 tde.ExtractAPI.initialize()

      ----> 5 extract = tde.Extract("my_new_file_11.tde")


      /opt/python/anaconda/lib/python2.7/site-packages/tableausdk/Extract.pyc in __init__(self, path)


        593   if int(ret) != int(Types.Result.SUCCESS):

      --> 594   raise Exceptions.TableauException(ret, Exceptions.GetLastErrorMessage())


        596   def close(self):


      TableauException: TableauException (40200): server did not call us back




      I see the log writesthis:



      Creating a connection to tde server

      Starting new server instance

      DataEngine log file will be written to "DataExtract.log"

      Launching tdeserver at "tdeserver64"

      server callback endpoint: tab.tcp://

      server listen endpoint: tab.tcp://:auto

      Closing server (no descriptor available).

      Server was successfully closed